Sunday, November 11, 2012

Race Report: Cause and Event 5K/10K - AG winner? What?

I met Amy Little, the Race Director for this event, earlier this year because a mutual friend thought we should meet.. I mean, what are the odds that she would know 2 women looking to start races on the same year? We met for a glass of wine and shared our stories and inspirations for our insanity. Then a few months later she and I were on the Epic Relay team together and as many of you know, you get to whole new level of knowing people on a relay race! She had this fantastic idea to hold a race where ALL causes could be supported. "Your Cause, Our Event." Cause and Event was born. There is a lot more that I could write about Amy, but overall I must say that she is such an amazing woman. A sense of humor that doesn't quit (even when she is being rolled into the operating room), and a heart that is HUGE. She is a very special individual and I am so glad to have gotten to know her.. and her love of bananas.

This 5K Run/Walk and 10K Run was out in the Bethany area, where I have never had the pleasure of running before. Who knew there were so many hills in Beaverton? I had originally signed up for the 10K, but after taking the last 2 weeks off from running after Runaway Pumpkin, I thought dropping to the 5K was a wiser choice.

We formed Team Ladybug and we were running to raise money for the Ladybug CDH Foundation. I'm not sure what the final number for the team was- but we had a great turnout! Thanks to everyone that joined our team and/or donated or volunteered!! Amy had a HUGE turnout for a first year race (over 300 registrants!!!) and I know this is going to be a huge success going forward (a race series across the US).

Before the race..trying to keep warm.
I went into this race with no goals, no real expectations - except not to injure myself. I just want to continue to heal my body, get stronger and be ready to really increase my base in January as I am toying with a certain June race...but I am not ready to announce. That's all I will say now...

I did a short workout yesterday with 4x 100m strides and felt strong, so I was hopeful I would be able to run without serious pain today.

I started the race near the front, and started WAY fast. I looked down at my watch and saw I was averaging 7:20 and knew I needed to back way off. I settled into 8:44 pace. Then I realized that my shoelace is about to be untied. Shoot. I stop to hastily retie it (with my gloves on) and get back to running. Mile 2 added some nice rolling hills, which did slow my pace a little. Oh ya, and I had to stop to tie both my shoes again. Note to self: make sure you double knot shoes before next race. 9:09 for the second mile. At least 20 seconds lost for shoe tying. The last mile I see my husband pushing the double stroller ahead of me up a big hill. Yesterday, he made the mistake of saying all he cared about today was beating me. Fighting words. He usually always does finish before me. Even pushing the double BOB stroller with 100+ pounds of kids. Not today. I passed him on the hill and made the final push. 9:15 for Mile 3- I think starting to fast and the hills were catching up with me.. I dug deep for the final .13 and finished 28:44. It was not a PR (my PR is on a pretty flat course at 27:33), but I was happy to have finished before my hubby. (Nothing like friendly competition, right?)

Milliseconds, the timing company, had these cool kiosks set up where you could check your time pretty much immediately. For the 5K; I finished 20th Overall, 9th for ALL women, and 1st in my age group! I was in shock. I think I went back and checked it 5 times - even brought witnesses one of the times because I thought I must be misreading something.

Disclaimer:  I was 1st in my age group because the 2 other women in my AG won overall awards, thereby taking them out of my AG and bringing me up from 3rd to 1st - wahoo!!! 
So stinkin excited about this ribbon!

I'll take it. It is the first time I have ever placed in an age group and it felt goooood. Gotta love small races.

We really brought home the loot at this race; I won a $15 gift card to Aries Apparel, Finley won a gift card for a dozen Bliss Cupcakes, and Rowan won a $5 Sonic card. Both girls did great in the 1/2 mile kids race.. Rowan ran the whole time, and at one point she wanted to walk, but I was able to get her to keep running just by telling her we were almost done. So proud of her!! Finley brought up the rear with daddy doing her 2 year old toddler waddle/run.. but she rocked it! Holding her bear the whole time. My 2 year old CDH Survivor ran a 1/2 mile - that's pretty incredible.

Finley running with her bear.... 

Jon placed first in his AG for the 5K (even though I still beat him! Hee-hee) 

Marianne placed 2nd in the 10K for her AG!! 
I am riding a 'winners' high right now... I only wish my 1st place ribbon were a medal, since I don't know if I'll ever win an age group again. 35-39 is pretty darn competitive and the ladies are usually much faster than me. So happy they decided to sleep in today.

Cause and Event 2012!!
The post race soup from Bethany's Table was amazing. I might have had 2 bowls. Shhh - don't tell. After the race festivities died down, we went over to the restaurant conveniently across the parking lot and had brunch there - with no wait! That never happens in Portland. Hurry and try the brunch there before word gets out and there is a 45 min wait. I highly recommend that place.

Amy put so many nice touches in to the race; childcare available, the shirts (all volunteers, runners, sponsors names on the back of the shirt - if you registered in time), the bags, impressive Expo, professional timing, great spread of food, Starbucks coffee, and so much more. Amy - you did an awesome job and should feel so proud!!

What a great morning! I love when I can do these races and still spend time with my family. 5Ks are nice too since they don't wipe me out for the rest of the day.  Can't wait to do this event again next year - maybe I'll even try and tackle the hillacious 10K.