Saturday, November 2, 2013

A belated update...

I have been a bad blogger..... I finally wrote a blog update - but this one went to Run Oregon - for my first ever Run Oregon published blog spot!!!

Just finished Silver Falls Half today... 2 weeks post Nike. The hills were not exagerated. Muddy trails - check. Puddles and creeks to hop over - check. Stairs? Check. Both directions. But quite possibly the most beautiful 13.1 I have completed. My knees were achy and angry by the end since I didn't quite do many trail runs prior to today (like maybe 2?) - but we had fun. Stopped and took photos at each and every waterfall. Walked all the water stations and several of the hills - though uphill didn't hurt me as much as downhill did. I highly recommend Silver Falls.. and any one who runs the full marathon there is a total badass topped with badass sauce....and badass sprinkles.

More later.

I'm off to ice now.....

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  1. Ooooh, this sounds awesome. Hope your knees simmer down quickly. And your link to Run Oregon doesn't work but I'll find it. Congrats!