Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Less than 8 weeks...

Less than 8 weeks until my first Marathon.

And I only really just started believing I can finish about 11 days ago.

Between training for the Marathon, being a mom to my 2 girls, work, the non-profit and planning Ladybug Run I am not left with a lot of time for blogging... but since this is a memory I'd like to preserve and I am always on the computer and NEVER journal anymore - this is the best I am going to do.

I have the Eugene Half marathon this weekend. I am excited to be running in the town I grew up in. My first 'race' there. Though I am not going into this weekend with any real expectations except;

2. Don't get injured.

Hmm... that looks about right. That's it. If I PR, that would be icing on the cake - and I'd even be thrilled with a 5 second PR. But my end game is the marathon in a few weeks - so this is truly just a training run at a faster pace than I am planning on running the marathon.

Even my Marathon goals are pretty realistic.

1. Finish it. Just cross the finish line.
2. Anything under 5 hours would be lovely.

The sun is shining... I tried to run today, but my knee decided it was going to be a cross training day, and I also got into my acupuncturist for a 'tune-up.'

Can't wait to post pictures from the race- I will definitely be running with my camera and enjoying this race!


  1. Wishing you the very best of races Liz!! I hope you plan to race with some people you know. If not, you are bound to run into someone in the "hometown"

    I can't wait to see the pics and will be rooting for a larger than 5 second PR :) !! So impressed with your determination.

    1. Thanks Raina!! Yes, got lots of friends coming down for this race, so should be fun!

      Still trying to decide where to eat Sat night for my carbo loading.. any ideas?

    2. Ah!! a late to respond to this. haha. I would stick with liquid carbs.. Fiber/pasta not so good after 12 the day before races for me.

  2. Hello,

    I have a question about your blog, could you please email me? Thanks!!


  3. I checked your posts after this one, and it looks like your training paid off as you managed to accomplish your goal! Your finish of just above five hours is a very good statistic for anyone who ran it for the first time. What would you say gave the biggest contribution to your success during your training? And are you planning on any more runs in the future? Either way, congratulations!

    Hannah Holland @ Berkeley Community Acupuncture