Saturday, January 14, 2012

My 15K Training plan....

So here is the plan I created going off Hal Higdon's 15K Intermediate Training Schedule.... I am modifying it week to week depending on how I feel, and if I went over in miles (like this week where I accidentally ran more because I ran without my watch one day). I am hoping by working in some Tempo and Interval runs I can work on increasing speed - plus my Tuesday run has been with some ladies that are a little faster than me which has been good at pushing my pace faster without killing me. Nine miles today felt good. My hips did start getting sore about halfway into the run - but I know I need to continue to strengthen my abductors and gluts to remedy this. I did leg drains and foam rolled when I got home and iced my knees even though I wasn't in pain. The strangest place I am sore right now is my lower abs.. that's a first.

I would like to keep increasing my mileage without over-training since I am using this as a springboard into training for Rock and Roll Half in May and would like to have my base higher going into it so that 13.1 will seem easy. I'm curious to hear any feedback or advice from my wise running friends.


  1. You are doing Portland RnR ? I will be there! That's the plan anyway...

    Looks like a great springboard to a half marathon. I see you peak at 10 miles for long run for the 15k- That's great.

  2. Really looking forward to the lady bug run :) I didn't realize it was back-to back with the reunion, though! I will keep my mom and dad busy that way, haha.