Sunday, January 29, 2012

Out of town running

My husband and children accompanied me up to Seattle since I had some business meetings on Friday, but we could play the rest of the weekend. I didn't want to skip my long run, so I spent a lot of time trying to figure out a good run for us. J's longest run in the last few months has been 5, but that man is a born runner, so he felt game going for 8 miles. After a few days of research, I finally stumbled upon posts about the Gilman-Burke trail which looked like a very nice paved 12 mile path with some easy hills. We were staying in Queen Anne and I felt bad that my husband would be pushing the double BOB stroller most of the way (with about 65 pounds of children) and there are some SERIOUS hills. Not knowing a good route to take really pushed the scales to parking at Gas Works Park and hitting the trail. I love running a new path. Even if I don't have someone to talk to during the long run, if I am in uncharted territory - it makes the time go so much quicker. I was actually disappointed to turn around at our halfway point since I wanted to see more. The path took us by the Lake, UW, and I even saw a sign for Seattle Children's - so I think we were close to the hospital. I actually kept a pretty fast pace and ended up averaging a 10 min mile, which for me - on my long run is pretty amazing. I think I am getting faster. I did do a track work out this week- 2 sets of 4x400s with a 1 mile warm up jog and 200 walking rests in between. Body has been feeling good - even with the longer distances I haven't had too many lingering pains post runs which I am extremely happy about. I think the strength training MAY have something to do with that. Now the key will be to not mess anything up before Shamrock!


  1. I love a new path to run on too! Good for your hubby to come along and push the stroller :)

    Nice work on the 400's. How did those feel? You will be rocking the shamrock run!

    1. They felt pretty good... it was kinda fun running faster - I definitely liked having a friend there, since I may have thrown in the towel after 1 set had she not been there.. What are your thoughts on 400s vs 800s?