Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dirty Shoes

Today I am thankful for my dirty shoes and to be running again.

Since I started running again in the Fall of 2010, this last week was the longest break I have taken from running. 6 LONG days. To add insult to "injury" - no pun intended... by the end of the week the weather cleared and sunny days just begging to be run in were taunting me. By Sunday, I decided that 6 days was close enough to the week off that my Sports Chiro recommended taking off and I decided to head out for a slow run of 2-3 miles. I was able to run 3 and was happy about that.. had a couple of times that the knee ached for a few seconds, but then went away so I thought it was safe to continue. Now the plan is to run 4 min, walk 1 min as I increase time and mileage while continuing to do a bunch of stabilizing/strengthening exercises. I was able to run 4 miles today and it felt great.. no pain at all!I am going to reduce my running days until the Rock and Roll Half and just run 3 days a week, cross train 2. I think that will be playing it safe so I can hopefully have a great run and meet my goal of a sub 2:15 Half... McMillian seems to think I could do a 2:07:21 time.. so we shall see....

Excited to be running with my friends on Saturday in honor of Finley - both physically and virtually.. I can't believe it has been 2 years since we first heard those words, "your baby has a condition called congenital diaphragmatic hernia..." "she has about a 40% chance of survival." It hit me yesterday while listening to one of our pastor, John Mark's Solid Rock podcasts finally why we were so blessed... I have heard this verse a million times, but this time it really sank in. We are blessed to BE a blessing. We are so incredibly blessed each day with the lives of BOTH our girls and in a million other ways. I have seem God answer countless prayers for us. The least bit I can do, is to in some tiny way be there for someone else. To extend a prayer for someone else when I know the power in prayer now. To BE the blessing for someone else. God wants to use us. I am so excited about the Ladybug CDH Foundation and the Virtual run on Saturday, and Ladybug Run in August. I really felt all of this has been led by him and can't wait to see where it all leads.

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