Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Awareness Day & Shoes

I blogged about the run on Finley's blog, but just realized I hadn't written anything on my actual running blog. Got in a great 6.5 run/walk in on Saturday for CDH Awareness Day with no left knee pain. Yeah!!! It meant so much to me to have people get out and run or walk in honor of Finley and all the other children effected by CDH. Thank you to Amanda for posting about this on her blog and who ran a race that morning for Finley and her wonderful reader Yahu who also ran that morning in honor of Finley. My good friend Stacy ran on the treadmill at the gym-- raising awareness everywhere!! The last photo is the group who ran with us on the waterfront (sans my hubby who took the photo) - thank you everyone.

Went shopping for new shoes and found out the I really needed new shoes since I was dropping in pretty bad. I think all those puddles broke down my shoes quicker than usual this winter. I ended up with the New Balance 1080s. But I am not sold on them. My first run on Monday resulted in some arch pain after a mile which, may surprise you, but that is usually one place that I don't have an issue with. I will give them 1-2 more runs before I return them. So today, I picked up a pair of the Brooks Ghost. Inaugural run will be tomorrow. I can't believe Bridge to Brews is next weekend and then only a month until the Rock and Roll Half!

I went and got VO2 tested yesterday - that requires a much longer blog post (with photos).. that is coming soon.


  1. I am so glad you got a good turnout for the CDH awareness run! I was wondering why you didn't post about it on here :)

    SO- hopefully the second try will do the trick on shoes! I love my Ghosts. If you need more stability, the Ravenna is another great Brooks shoe! So happy your knee has been doing better :)

    1. OK, I LOVE the Ghosts. Had a great 5.6 mile run in them this morning, no arch pain and my knee didn't hurt once!! I am a convert.

  2. I'm going in for my VO2 test tomorrow! Looking forward to reading about your experience...

  3. Such an honor to run for Finley. And so glad that Yahu got in on it too. Liz, you just left the best comment ever on my blog. Thank you. Means so much to me!!!