Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Seizing the day

I have been a bad blogger - I am going to attempt to post more regularly - but August was insane with the Ladybug Race, 2 birthdays, 2 trips, and then getting ready for school. I am happy to be home and I just LOVE fall. I love everything about Fall. But- that is another post... Up first, our Hawaii vacation. 

We had an amazing 10 days in paradise. I ran a lot - thanks to my build schedule and needing to run 30-32 (there was some walking built in there too) miles each week. It was pretty warm and humid but the views really made up for the heat. I was running around 7:00 am every day and it was already quite sticky. I didn't leave the resort area of Ko Olina where we were staying since I already felt bad about taking an hour most days to run.. but since my children kept waking up SUPER early - the runs were also a necessity. Running gives me that extra energy I need when I am sleep deprived. I know that may not make sense - but it does. I learned this when Finley was still waking up a ton.. running would make me feel better.. at least until evening. 

This is me. 
I did something most unlike me on this trip. I am pretty risk averse. I don't really enjoy amusement park rides, skiing/snowboarding - pretty much anything with heights, or where I am out of control. (I tried stand up paddle boarding on this trip and absolutely loved it. Great workout and not all the scary!) Late on Wednesday I heard that a woman I used to take Pilates with died.She was in her mid 30's. They still don't know why. It was such a reminder that we don't know how long we have- we truly don't know what the next moment may bring. For ourselves, or our loved ones. Such a powerful reminder to not let things go unsaid, and seizing each day. So how did I seize Thursday? I jumped off a cliff. 

The last time we were in Oahu I thought about it and frankly the idea turned my stomach. Seeing all those people lined up just gave me the willies. But this time four years later. I am a changed person for a hundred reasons. This time I wanted to jump. (Now don't get me wrong here, I am not suddenly going to go all adrenaline junkie here). But I think it is important to go outside our comfort zones sometimes. Whether it is signing up for a new bigger goal. Trying something new. Or jumping off a cliff. 

The funniest part of jumping off a cliff in front of your two little kids is when your 2 year old screams- 'my turn, my turn' after you get out... 

Today was my oldest's first day of 1/2 day Kindergarten. I teared up a little, but then was amazed that I didn't really cry. Though I will miss her since she will be in school 20 hours a week now. But mostly I am excited for her. For all these new experiences and ways that she will grow. All the things she will learn. How she will continue to become more independent. That's sad- but also so wonderful. Time is passing so quickly - but again I am reminded to just be thankful for each day and try to live in the moments more. 

I think Jon thought I was crazy for making him take photos of me running....
Very proud of myself for my first 6 miler in the heat...
The path that followed the 4 lagoons... who could get sick of this?

Would end most of my runs running along this train track which was .2 miles from our condo.
Family shot

This is the jumping rock at Waimea Bay Beach.

Sunset view from our condo... 

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  1. Looks like a fabulous vacation. I used to jump off high things but you couldn't pay me now!! hah.

    Can't believe how fast the kiddos are growing. My Matthew is in K this year too.